Press release | Just one click away: OnePageTileDesign reimagines rapid access to key content

The arrival of OnePageTileDesign developed by innovative Rotterdam-based web agency Brand New Fresh changes the game in the way the home page is presented to users. That’s because it turns its back on the ‘vertical’ approach to content layout developed by newspapers over centuries and then widely adopted by the internet – replacing it with a ‘single view’ screen linking to all essential content at once.

OnePageTileDesign addresses the problem that most vertical format websites force visitors to scroll down to access content at a time when 99% of users with a laptop or desktop computer in a business environment are viewing on a horizontally-oriented display. To make matters worse, as much as 66% of what’s shown above the virtual ‘page fold’ – such as the logo, menu, USPs, search window, banners and slide shows with images – is of little immediate value to the user who then needs to travel much deeper into the navigation to reach useful information. Brand New Fresh managing director and designer Quin Lausberg explains how a growing realisation of the limitations of conventional home page design inspired a quest that’s led to the OnePageTileDesign solution.

“Having made more than 200 websites, I kept wondering if there was any other way. How could I simultaneously place all essential content above the home page fold? And could I either remove or reimagine standard elements such as the menu and slider?”

A clear, logical matrix that handles any device, any display
Early exploratory ideas developed over months were finally catalysed when Quin watched an Apple keynote on April 20, 2021 which featured a landscape format overview showing each product’s specifications. He evolved the presentation’s clean, six-row, nine-column matrix using Bootstrap to create the dynamic OnePageTileDesign solution. Its 54 tiles display perfectly in height and width on all screens from mobile phone right through to a desktop with 4K capability. This enabled the solution’s first full application on the Brand New Fresh website with the most viewed content logically placed in the ‘all above fold’ matrix.

OnePageTileDesign gets users quickly and more easily to where they need to be – delivering scores of 91/100 on Google PageSpeed insights both for Mobile and Desktop performance. What’s not to like?

To find out more about OnePageTileDesign and how it can accelerate the way users interact with content across multiple website types contact or call 00316 398 56 209

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Brand New Fresh was founded in 2009 and has since grown into the fastest and most affordable internet agency in the Netherlands. In this time it has created more than 200 WordPress websites, also specialising in graphic design conversion – making a fast, responsive WordPress theme based on existing graphic content.


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